Discover beautiful Sri Lanka on one of the most legendary vehicles of all time. The Tuk Tuk!

The Tuk Tuk Trip?

There is no more adventurous or more original way to discover Sri Lanka than on the iconic vehicle that makes the roads in the country so spectacular.

During The Tuk Tuk Trip you will leave the beaten track and the busy tourist destinations and instead discover the authentic mainland the way like locals do. The average speed of a Tuk Tuk is approximately 45km/h, so you'll have plenty of time to see some beautiful sceneries along the road.

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intro foto Tuk Tuk Trip
intro foto Tuk Tuk Trip
intro foto Tuk Tuk Trip
intro foto Tuk Tuk Trip
intro foto Tuk Tuk Trip

The Route?

In two weeks’ time, you will be able to gawk at the monumental cultural highlights of the country as well as discover the unspoiled nature on the mainland and visit some of Asia's purest beaches. We made you a tour one the most beautiful roads of Sri Lanka. We recommend you to follow the Google Maps routes you'll receive on arrival.

The trip will end on a couple of pristine beaches that are known for having some of the country's best waves and are a favourite spot of many surfers. You'll drive between 100 and 150km a day which will give you plenty of chances to stop along the road.


Picture of Sigirya
Picture of Mirissa
Picture of Polonnaruwa
Yala national park
Picture of Yala national park
Nine arches bridge
Picture of Nine arches bridge
Lipton ice tea plantations
Picture of Lipton ice tea plantations




Hello, Sri Lanka!

The first day, you'll have the time to check in and go to our Tuk Tuk ...

Hostel Hangover Hostel
Hotel Ocean Glory Hotel
Date Day 1


Negombo - Sigiriya, 138 km

It's on the second day that the adventure really starts. When you feel...

Hostel Jungle Vista Hostel
Hotel Saunter Paradise
Date Day 2


Sigiriya - Polonnaruwa, 64 km

Today is the perfect day to put on your sport shoes and hike those fam...

Hostel Thisal Guest House
Hotel Tishan hostel - Seyara Holiday Resort
Date Day 3


Polonnaruwa - Kandy, 158km

The third day takes us right through the majestic inland of the island...

Hostel Kandy City View Hostel
Hotel Lakewood/Lotus Residence
Date Day 4


Kandy - Ella, 141km

Kandy is also home to the most famous Buddhist temple: the temple of t...

Hostel Ella City Reach Hostel
Hotel Hotel City Grand
Date Day 5


Ella - Haputale - Ella

Ella has so much to offer, we decided to stay here for two nights. If ...

Hostel Ella City Reach Hostel
Hotel Hotel City Grand
Date Day 6


Ella - Haputale, 60km

From Ella it's only one step away to the breathtaking Lipton tea plant...

Hostel ABC guest inn
Hotel World's End Lodge
Date Day 7


Haputale - Tissa, 114km

In Bambarakanda, you'll have the opportunity to wake up (extremely) ea...

Hostel Leopard City Hostel
Hotel Coconut Gardens
Date Day 8


Yala National Park

Today is safari day! For once, you can grant your tuk tuk a little res...

Hostel Leopard City Hostel
Hotel Leopard City Hostel - Coconut Gardens
Date Day 9


Tissa - Mirissa, 132km

We leave the inland behind for good. From now on, only "just like in t...

Hostel Space Garden Hostel
Hotel Ocean Dreams Hotel
Date Day 10



Mirrisa is known as one of the surf walhalla's of the country and you ...

Hostel Space Garden Hostel
Hotel Space Garden Hostel - Blue Whale Hotel
Date Day 11


Mirissa - Galle, 50km

Je kunt op deze dag nog even relaxen in Mirissa om daarna een tussenst...

Hostel Coconut Palm Beach Hostel
Hotel Dehiwala Clock Inn
Date Day 12


Colombo - Negombo, 52km

De laatste dag zul je bijna uitsluitend langs de Zuid-Westelijke kust ...

Hostel Hangover Hostel
Hotel Ocean Glory Hotel
Date Day 13
add some tuk tuk to your life


The Tuk Tuk Trip starts on the first Saturday of the months of December, January, February, March, July and August. Your first night is in Negombo and ends on a Thursday night (last night in Negombo).

In 2019 we plan 6 Tuk Tuk trips.

  • Trip 1: Saturday 01/12 - Friday 14/12/2018
  • (Sold Out)
  • Trip 2: Saturday 05/01 - Friday 18/01/2019
  • (Limited availability)
  • Trip 3: Saturday 02/02 - Friday 15/02/2019
  • (Sold Out)
  • Trip 4: Saturday 02/03 - Friday 15/03/2019
  • (Sold Out)
  • Trip 5: Saturday 06/07 - Friday 19/07/2019
  • (Sold Out)
  • Trip 5.1: Saturday 20/07 - Friday 02/08/2019
  • Trip 6: Saturday 03/08 - Friday 16/08/2019
  • (Sold Out)
  • Trip 7: Saturday 17/08 - Friday 30/08/2019

Where does the trip start?

You arrange your international flights to Sri Lanka yourself and yo go to the hotel in Negombo on the first day.

The first day, the threewheelers are delivered to the ho(s)tel and you'll get some driving instructions (from 9am to 6pm). The lessons take +- 1,5h. If you would arrive too late, you can also get your driving instructions the next day in the morning.

How to get there?

There are daily to Sri Lanka, Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport - (CMB), from almost every international airport in the world. You are best off trying to search through Google Flights or Skyscanner and look out for the cheapest options.

How do I find my way in Sri Lanka?

You will receive a detailed road book with the most beautiful roads of Sri Lanka as well as things to do on each and every spot. You will also receive premade Google Maps where the entire route and its sights have been added in advance, so you don't need to worry about finding your way. To make sure you always have connection to your maps, we'll give you a SIM card with enough data to get you to the end.

How to drive a Tuk Tuk?

First of all, you would need a valid national or international driving license.

To receive your Sri Lankan Driver's License on arrival, we will ask you to send us a copy of your driver's licence, passport and a clear coloured picture at least 2 weeks before departure. One driver's license per tuk tuk is included in the price, but you can opt for more in the registration form.

On day 1, you will get some tuk tuk drivers classes from a local instructor who will teach you the do's and the don'ts of tuk tuk driving.

What with mechanical problems?

Every vehicle will be thoroughly inspected by a professional team of mechanics. In the unlikely event that you would have a mechanical problem we will have a 24/7 support service available on site.


We offer two different kinds of accommodation. You can choose to spend the nights in hostels (incl.) or hotels (€160 extra per person). In the hostel you will share the room with other travellers (max. 10 people) while the hotel option ensures you will always have a private room and bathroom to yourself and your co-traveller. We ensure that during the whole trip you will only sleep in really nice, clean and comfortable places.


What's the price?

The Tuk Tuk Trip in Hostels: 485 EUR/person
The Tuk Tuk Trip in Hotels: 655 EUR/person

What's included

  • Accommodation during the whole trip
  • Breakfast every day
  • A Tuk Tuk shared by you and your companion*
  • One valid Sri Lankan driving license
  • A detailed roadmap featuring the most beautiful sights of Sri Lanka
  • Third party insurance coverage
  • GPS routes, importable to your phone
  • Probably the adventure of a lifetime

This is not included:

  • Gas for the Tuk Tuks. (+- €100 per Tuk Tuk)
  • Entry fees to national parks and musea.
  • Lunch and dinner (+- €10 per person, per day, for regular meals)

* You can drive a tuk tuk alone for €120 extra per person. You can also take a tuk tuk with 3 persons, but we highly discourage this cause you'll have just a little space for your luggage.

What to do with your luggage?

We recommend you to travel with a backpack. This is extremely useful during the trip. You can leave your luggage in the tuktuk if you want to park it and explore a piece of Sri Lanka by food. Valuable items are best taken with you. It is a very safe country so you can trust the locals that nothing would be stolen.

What about the insurance?

The Tuk Tuk is automatically insured for all damage the driver is causing to other vehicles or people. You are still responsible for the damage to your own vehicle with a maximum of €400. You will be asked to pay a deposit of €150 per Tuk Tuk via an official Tuk Tuk Rental email.

How many people in a Tuk Tuk

Technically a Tuk Tuk could hold three people, but during The Tuk Tuk Trip the vehicle will be shared by only two people in order to ensure that you have enough comfort and that there is enough space for the luggage.

Isn't the traffic dangerous?

The traffic in Sri Lanka is certainly different than in most parts of the western world. You will see a broad spectrum of vehicles (cars, elephants, chariots, donkeys, bikes, Tuk Tuks, etc.). It can get chaotic in the busy city centres, but once you leave the cities behind you will immediately notice that traffic is slowing down. We have tested the trip thoroughly and are convinced of the fact that if you drive prudently you will not incur excessive risks.

Automatic or manual transmission?

The Tuk Tuks have a manual transmission. Your driving instructor will teach you how to use it on your first day.

How do I check in in my hotel?

On arrival, you'll receive a ho(s)tel sheet with all the exact addresses of the accommodations.

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