Discover beautiful Sri Lanka on one of the most legendary vehicles of all time: the Tuk Tuk!

The TukTuk Trip?

There is no more adventurous or more original way to discover Sri Lanka than on the iconic vehicle that makes the roads in the country so spectacular.

During The Tuk Tuk Trip you will leave the beaten track and the busy tourist destinations and instead discover the authentic mainland the way like locals do. The average speed of a Tuk Tuk is approximately 45km/h, so you'll have plenty of time to see some beautiful sceneries along the road.

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intro foto Tuk Tuk Trip
intro foto Tuk Tuk Trip
intro foto Tuk Tuk Trip
intro foto Tuk Tuk Trip
intro foto Tuk Tuk Trip

your very own tuk tuk

On arrival, you will receive a welcome presentation, your driving lessons, an exclusive Sri Lankan Driving Permit allowing you to drive these bad boys and the keys to your very own tuk tuk. From that moment on, as long as you drop it off in the state you received it, you can customise it the way you want.

Solo Travellers

guided or solo adventure

You can choose whether you want to go on our guided tours in Summer or choose a track from our customisable trips.

Solo Travellers

Discover the tear of india

In Summer we organise 3 big adventures following our pre made tour around the isle. You're accompanied by other tuk tuk trippers, our tuk tuk trip ranger and our local fixer.

They will guide you past Sri Lanka's most beautiful sights and he will make sure you'll take the right track.

For your accommodation you can choose between hostels (from €525 per person) or hotels (from €685 per person)

This trip includes:

  • 13 nights in different accommodations
  • Breakfast included
  • Your very own tuk tuk
  • GPS tracks
  • Sim card
  • Road book
  • Tuk Tuk Trip Ranger
  • Local fixer

The TukTuk Trips 2020 are cancelled, but we'll be back in 2021!

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Group Travellers

Go your own way

During the rest of the year, we organise personalised trips on the island. You can choose your own dates and we'll provide you with your tuk tuk, routes and a road book, filled with sights, activities and recommended accommodations.

These trips includes:

  • Your very own tuk tuk
  • Exclusive Tuk Tuk Trip GPS tracks
  • Sim card
  • A Tuk Tuk Trip Road book
  • Recommendations for our best accommodations
  • 24/7 support